This is Lady Georgina or "Georgie" as we affectionately call her. She is a 5 year old German Shepherd / Australian Shepherd mix. She is the most loving dog I have ever had. She enjoys people and most other dogs. Her one quirk is that she is leash reactive and has been since I got her at six months of age. We work on this behavior every day and it has gone from "Cujo" on a leash to just a little snark once in a while. She loves playing ball and could do it all day long. She and Belle are the best of
Friends and while Belle loves to hunt Georgie loves to chase (and sometimes catch) the birds that Belle flushes out of the grass. They make a good team! She also has a feline best friend and you can find the two of them romping around together in the yard or curled up on the couch snoozing.

This is Belle, a cross between a Basset Hound and a Wirehaired Pointing Griffon. She is 6 years old and is turning into a spirited adult. Her Basset side gives her a very short and long stature and a very loud baying bark and her nose keeps her super busy. The Pointer side has her hunting and pointing at everything that moves, leaves, cats, birds, horses etc... 
She seems to have a very good sense of humor and is always up for some mischievous fun. She is very independent as is quite happy spending time outside discovering the world and all its glory. She is learning all about agility and thinks it is great fun however we will not be receiving any awards in the speed aspect of it (low and slow) but, she is very willing to try it all.


Buddha is our 13 year old Jack Russell. He is a very gentle boy and is always up for training. He has an excellent sense of smell and has actually detected cancer on one of our dogs as well as my husband before we knew they had it. Being a Jack he is always full of energy and on the move. Harnessing that energy into behaviors that are acceptable and fun for everyone has taken some creative thinking and consistent training which he finds entertaining.


Miya is our 9 year old Pitt Bull that came to us as a rescue. We are her third home and needless to say she has had some lack of trust with people. Her obedience is excellent and she always wants to do well. She loves all other animals and after a quick proper introduction she loves people too. She is self entertaining and loves to be outside chasing butterflies or leaves and you can often find her basking in the sunshine stretched out with the cat.


Doc is our 9 year old English Bull Dog. This guy is bold, independent, stubborn and determined as well as being a big loving goofball. With him you always have to let him know that he doesn't need to take control of everything that you have got it handled. His all time favorite thing is his skate board. He loves it when new people come over so he can show off how he can ride it or carry it around the yard. He is also always up for snuggling and a nap but because of his snoring he is the only one that gets any rest.

This big boy is Leo. He is our 10 year old Great Dane
Labradoodle mix. He is just under 90 lbs and is as agile as a deer (well kind of, LOL) He can run fast and jump
high!  We got him at 8 years old and he is the newest member of our pack. We have had a lot to learn about him. Like that he is very protective of "His" yard and "His" family. But as soon as he is properly introduced
 he puts down his big bravado and turns into a loving goofball. He has very good manners and knows all his basic obedience. He loves to go for car rides, especially to the latte stand for a treat. He has great fun with his other pack members but his favorite buddy is our smallest guy, Buddha. You will find them together everywhere. Even at 10 years old he is still super active and we hope to have him around for several years to come.


The Best Dogs Always Leave Us Too Soon 

RIP 1997-2011

Wiley "The Incredible Cow Dog" was our
14 yr old Border Collie, Aussie, Cattle Dog old Border Collie, Aussie, Cattle dog mix that I got specifically to use on cows and boy was he good! Even at his ripe old age I could still find him out in the field rounding up cows and moving the down the fence line. Because of his mix he was a very intense, independent and determined dog. In his youth he gave me a run for my money and I had to be very diligent with his training on a daily basis. As he grew older he mellowed and became quite a gentleman. Besides running cows his favorite things to do were to play ball, jump though hoops and play the piano. 

RIP 2000-2016

Zoey was our super sassy Jack Russell who was full of spunk and curiosity. She was definitely the leader of our pack despite her small size. She spent many years enjoying 4H working on obedience, agility and show. She always loved the year end grand finale at the state fair showing off all that she had learned that year. Being a Jack she was a very independent and determined dog that needed lots of physical and mental exercise which actually made her easy to train as she was eager for every training session.

RIP 2008-2017

Sergeant came to us by way of trading a homeless man a cigarette for the puppy. He was only about four weeks old when we got him and we had no idea what kind of dog he might be. We had to wait for him to grow up and show us who he was. It was determined that he was a Kelpie mix and he very much was! He was a herder from the moment his feet and nose worked together always trying to put people, animals, toys in their right spots! He had a very inquisitive mind and could figure out any puzzle or game that you gave him in no time at all. Unfortunately he had a short life due to colon cancer and we miss his crazy antics very much.