Private In-Home Training

Puppy Package

Cost: $300
Age: 2-5 months 
Time: 4 x 1-hour sessions

Introduction to basic obedience cues and manners. In this class we will focus on creating a bond between you and your new puppy.
The cues you puppy will learn are: 
watch me, release, sit, down, stay, come and loose leash walking. 
We will also go over:
potty training, crate training, proper greetings and puppy play.

Basic Obedience 

Cost: $300
Ages: 6 months and over
Time: 4 x 1-hour sessions
Your dog will learn all the basics they will need in life including walking next to you on the leash loosely plus some fun tricks. 
The cues your dog will learn are:
watch me, release, sit, down, off, leave it, drop it, stay, wait, come and heel. 
Some tricks we will go over are: 
spin, roll over, crawl, shake, and more.

Progressive Obedience

Cost: $300
Ages: For any dog that has learned their basic obedience

Time: 4 x 1-hour sessions
We will go over longer duration, distraction and distance to increase their reliability with their basic commands. When they are proficient with these commands we will start working off leash. We will also take a trip to a dog park and work their commands there. Do you have a special trick you want your dog to learn? Let's find one and have some fun!

Single Sessions    
Cost: $75
Time: One hour consultation
Are you thinking of adding a dog to your family but aren't sure what kind to get? 
I can help you decide which breed may be right for your family and lifestyle.

Are you having trouble in a particular area? 
Potty training, Come when called, Barking, Jumping on you or your guests, Escape artist,
Digging, Walking nicely on a leash, etc...

I will meet with you and your dog and help you find the reason behind their behavior and the solution for it.